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A keyframe animation library for JavaScript

Rekapi is a library for making <canvas> and DOM animations with JavaScript, as well as CSS @keyframe animations for modern browsers. Here are some examples of animations that were made with Rekapi:

Rekapi is also useful for building applications that use keyframe animation:

Rekapi can optionally render DOM animations as CSS3 @keyframes for enhanced performance. If you working with complex animation timelines, Rekapi is the library for you! Rekapi depends on Underscore.js (or a similar library such as Lo-Dash) and Shifty.js. Here's everything you need:

Alternatively, you can just load a single, minified file with all of the dependencies baked in:

The getting started guide will get you up to speed on how to use Rekapi, and you can use the API documentation as a reference for everything you can do with it. This video explains the concepts that the library is built upon and how to get started with it. If you want some help with Rekapi, post a question to the Google Group. Happy animating!

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